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Oct 07, 2005 - Forward potr of gaim-vv 1.2.0 to gaim cvs head is working. I would like to clarify that gaim-vv isn't completely dead, we're working on merging with gaim. There will be no further gaim-vv releases, as code will be added to the main gaim program.
Sep 21, 2005 - Delayed announcement that gaim-vv is dead. All is not lost, though, as we're in the process of forward porting to gaim 2.x. Yes! This means we're aiming to include -vv abilities to the next major release of gaim! Subsequently, gaim-vv is no longer directly supported, and only lib2k and gstj2k will be supported.
Mar 29, 2005 - gst-jpeg2000 released.
Mar 29, 2005 - gaim 1.2.0-vv released. Yahoo receive only. NOT YET BROADCAST CAPABLE! Broadcast is slated for an upcoming release.
Mar 29, 2005 - Apologies for the delay in release. If someone has some spare time, please contact Tim, the gaim-vv project lead, as he could do with some.
Mar 29, 2005 - Bugtracker cleanup. All previous bugs closed. Please check the gaim-vv problems section of this page for further directions.
Mar 29, 2005 - MSN not supported. THERE IS NO MSN SUPPORT IN THE LATEST VERSION! However, MSN features will come back when farsight finish them.
Mar 29, 2005 - Win32 port is pending. THERE IS NO WINDOWS SUPPORT IN THE LATEST VERSION! However, the windows port is planned soon.
Mar 29, 2005 - There is no AIM video/voice, iChat AV or video-via-avian-carrier support. Yahoo receive only at the moment.
Mar 29, 2005 - Gaim 0.79-vv de-supported. With the move to GStreamer Gaim-vv, we're not going to support any earlier verisions.
Mar 26, 2005 - Added ICQ patch from gaim1.2.1cvs. Gaim-vv is pretty much Gaim-1.2.0 with GST and this patch.
Mar 17, 2005 - Goku selected as project mascot. Goku is a Quaker Parrot, who's staying at the project leader's house.
He moves, he talks, he also allegedly barks. His portrait adorns startup image in the webcam window.

What is gaim-vv?
A friendly fork of the gaim project to concentrate on video and voice support, which is currently being forward ported to the gaim 2.x development version.

Is it friendly?
If you find standard gaim friendly then yes, gaim-vv is friendly.

Where can I find screenshots?
Visit the gaim-vv screenshots section of this site.

I can receive yahoo webcams, but not broadcast. What gives?
In the current implementation, that's by design. gaim-vv does not broadcast yahoo webcams yet. Plans are afoot to support this feature in the future.

Where can I download the source code of gaim-vv?
Visit the gaim-vv download section of this site. Platform specific builds may be made available in the future by the development team. If and when released, these will be made available in the gaim-vv download section of this site.

I am having problems installing gaim-vv, gst-jpeg2000 and libj2k, where can i get support?
Visit the gaim-vv installation section of this site and you will see a small tutorial. If you continute to have problems, feel free to post in the forums. But don't forget to check the gaim-vv buglist and if you can't see your bug mentioned there, submit a new one. If your gaim-vv is crashing, please obtain a backtrace and append it at the end of your report. Please use the same procedure as described in the gaim gdb page.

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